Monday, August 6, 2012

Nimona -Green Peas Curry

I have always loved green peas.As a kid,I had watched "nimona" being made on some cooking show on Doordarshan.The idea of a full bodied pea mush with indian spices had appealed to me a lot .In fact it had all the things i liked- bori/vadi and potatoes!!.Unfortunately in the fast pace of life and growing up we were never able to try this out and this recipe became hazy and lost from the conscious mind.Not now :-).
I had taken little princess to the playground last week.All mommies were discussing what would be cooking for dinner that evening and I suddenly hear "Nimona"...bang came the image of a green pea mush.Mrs T from UP side of India brought it all back.Since then I have already made it twice.The first time daddy only tasted 2 spoons for dinner.I had packed it for next day's daddy 's lunch.....but daddy had a jumbo sized icecream for lunch next day and daddy's lunch was eaten by a home food starved bachelor uncle.I hope he enjoyed the nimona.Daddy came home expecting to have any leftover nimona for dinner , but mommy had already cleaned all leftovers :-).So mommy made Nimona once again Just for daddy.
Thank you Mrs T for sharing the recipe.
Green peas-2 cups
Fresh Green corriander-1 bunch
Garlic-1 big clove made into a paste
Tomato-1 chopped
Potatoes-1 cut into cubes
Bori-about 12.(I used the moong dal bori,Mrs T uses Urad dal ones)
Green chillies-3-4
Cumin powder-3/4 teaspoon
Salt -to taste
Oil/Ghee-3-4 tablespoons

I blended the corriander ,chillies and the green peas first,you don't need a very fine blend for this...about 75% ground will work perfect for nimona.Now heat the oil and fry the bori and keep aside.In the same oil add the garlic on a low heat so that it doesn't burn.Add the blended mixture of green peas,corriander and chillies.Keep frying till water evaporates,add the potatoes and fry again.By this time your kitchen room will have a beautiful fragrance from the 'BHUNO" of this mixture.Now add the cumin powder ,the salt and the tomatoes and fry again.Once the tomatoes have softened and mixed in, add water bring to a boil.Check if potatoes are done and drop in the fried boris.
Garam masala powder can be added but i did not,I wanted the nimona have the natural green pea taste with as less of other masalas.

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