Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chingri maach diye bandhakopi-Cabbage with shrimps

Shrimps!!!Awsome on their own and one of the best flavor elevator around.You add them to soups,noodles,pasta,fried rice and you are sure to receive some compliments.We bongs have been adding chingri to our everyday veggies to create magic-lau chingri being probably the most popular of all the chingri veggie combination.Today I created the chingri magic with cabbage.This combination is also a popular combination in bengali kitchens.
Cabbage -1 head chopped fine
Onion-1 medium sliced fine
Garlic-2 big cloves minced
Ginger-1 teaspoon minced/greated
Turmeric powder-1 teaspoon
Cumin powder-1 tablespoon
Corriander powder-1 teaspoon
Potato-1 peeled and cubed.
Chilli-either green or red -2or Chilli powder-1 teaspoon
Salt-to taste
Oil-3-4 tablespoons

Heat oil and fry the shrimps lightly with some salt and a pinch of turmeric.This will take about 3-4 mins.Take out the shrimps from the oil and keep aside.Now add the onions and saute it in the same oil.Add in the garlic mince and the ginger.Once the onions are cooked addin the potatoes and fry them a little.Now add in the cabbage,let the cabbage settle down in the kadhai.It will do so in a couple of mins.Now add in the turmeric,the chilli powder and corriander powder.Let the cabbage simmer and cook.Keep giving the cabbage nice stirs at regular intervals so that it does not start burning from below.Add salt in the end since cabbage reduces in quantity when cooked.Add in the shrimps and mix it into the cabbage.
Sometimes garam masala is also added at the end.In my opinion let the smell and taste of shrimps rule the cabbage instead of complicating the flavor with garam masala.
It's your choice and your liking. You can add in ghee,garam masala,maybe a tomato. You can add powdered dry roasted cumin seeds instead of garam masala.Your wish :-)

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