Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chole-Chickpeas in a spicy hot gravy

I am posting in my blog after a very long time.In fact this is the first post of 2013!!!.Wow time flies.There was a lot of interesting cooking during X'mas,diwali and of course our princess's first birthday.Let's save that for some other post:-).
I had been searching long and hard for a good chole recipe.I tried out a lot of the pre-made masalas -Indian /pakistani ,some were good some not so much.Finally last week, I hit jackpot with the chole recipe that I really liked.Daddy D makes a spicy chole recipe which I like a lot.It's kind of a salad where he mixes a lot of spies into boiled chickpeas and then pours hot ghee tempered with ajwain and diced tomatoes on top.
I have taken a little bit from Daddy D's recipe and little bits from all the recipes that I tried out in the past.
To make this chole ,first boil the chickpeas in a pressure cooker with all the below listed spices.
Chickpeas-2 cups(Soaked overnight or for 8 hours)
Ginger paste-1 tablespoon
Black salt-2 tablespoons
Bay leaves-2
Black cardamom-3-4
Cinnamon sticks-3 -4
Tea bags-3(You can alternatively make a cloth pocket and put 2 tablespoons of loose tea) 

I usually boil my chole for 3 full whistles on  medium and switch off the heat just before the fourth whistle.You will need to add 4 cups of water for boiling the chole.

Once the chole is boiled,fish the tea bags and all the whole spices out and separate the chole from the liquor.Save the liquor for making the gravy.

Now for the gravy of the chole 
Onion sliced -1 finely chopped
Tomatoes-3 finely chopped.
Green chilies-4-5 slit in he middle
Ginger chopped-1 tablespoon
Corriander powder-1 tablespoon
Cumin powder-2 tablespoons
Dry Mango powder/Amchur-2 tablespoons
Garam masala powder-1 tablespoon
Red chilly powder-1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Oil -4 tablespoons

In a pan heat the oil and fry the onions.The onions should turn a nice golden color,a few might even turn dark brown.Be patient......... don't worry as long as brown's are only a few :-).Now add the green chillies and chopped ginger and give it a few stirs maybe a minute or less.Then add in the chopped tomatoes.Patience testing phase 2 starts now.......cook the tomatoes till every tomato melts in.Now add all your spices,the cumin,coriander,chilly powder,garam masala,amchur. Fry the masala for 2-3 minutes.You will know that the masala is smells wonderful now.
Add in the separated boiled chickpeas and mix with the masala,give it a few minutes to soak up the flavors.Now add the reserved chickpea liquor.If you want a thick gravy add less of the liquor.Check for salt and adjust.
Let the chole come to a boil.

Now this is what I took from Daddy D's recipe.In a separate pan add 2 tablespoons of ghee,once the ghee is hot turn the heat off and add a tablespoon of ajwain and a tablespoon of ginger chopped up like matchsticks.Now add this to your chole.

Your chole is now ready to be devoured with poori, bhature,nan or just plain phulkas. You know it's good when your generally food fussy baby girl can't wait to get her hands into the food.

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