Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mulor Ghonto.......Radish cooked the bong way.

What can you do with fresh radish from the farm?..........if you are a bong like me you make it into a "ghonto".A "ghonto" is a mish mash of a few vegetables,may include a fried fish head at times.
When the vegetables are gorgeously fresh, i like to keep the rest of the things simple.The only pain in this recipe is the grating of the "mulo". Actually once you get started on the grating,it does not take much time and is not really that painful.The pain for me is getting started.Once I had my grater in place,it was all zip zap zoom.
I grated about 4 cups of raw radish which turned into 2/3 cup of "mulo ghanto".You can add potatoes to increase the quantity.My dida used to add happy amounts of potato to her cooking when her household of 2 members used to balloon into a full house of 10 during vacations.I am not complaining, i like my potatoes.
If you are using potatoes,cube your potatoes into 1 inch cubes and fry it till soft before you start with the ghanto. Add it to the ghonto 5 mins before the ghonto gets done.

For mulo ghonto you will need. 

Grated radish-4 cups 
Mustard seeds/Benarasi Rai-1 teaspoon
Dried Red chili-2
Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon
Grated coconut-4 teaspoons
Salt-to taste
Vegetable oil-2 tablespoons

I prefer the benarasi rai in my mulo ghanto but you can go ahead with mustard seeds.Heat your oil in a pan and once it is moderately hot add your teaspoon of mustard seeds and your red chilies.Now add the grated radish.Add the turmeric and the salt.Let the radish cook down considerably then add in the coconut.You can use coconut pieces also.If you are using coconut pieces, add the coconut to the oil before the radish and fry it in the oil for a few seconds.If you want to add your fried potatoes,add the potatoes and mix it into the radish.Your "mulor ghonto" is ready to be served with plain rice.
The radish does not take long to cook because it is grated,your "ghonto" should be done in about 10 mins on moderate heat.

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