Monday, June 10, 2013

Raspberry Panna Cotta.....sweet !!!

Panna Cotta......oh I love saying it:-).It's an Italian dessert I came across when I was searching recipes for my fresh raspberries that we picked up at a Farm.Well the fresh raspberries went into a chocolate raspberry cupcake batter.....which did not turn out that great.You know it's not that great, when cupcakes are still sitting on your counter the next week!!
I had got some frozen raspberries from the supermarket to make a raspberry frosting for the cupcakes but I just did not want to put any more effort into the cupcakes.What's the point of adding more calories to the cupcakes when you will have to end up finishing it yourself.
I had a 1 pint packet of raspberries.For the recipe I needed a cup of the strained raspberry pulp.From the 1 pint packet I had about 1 and a 1/2 cup.
Before you start on this recipe,folks who do not know what they are getting into,let me just clarify that it's not ice-cream....and No it is not an Indian Kulfi!!Daddy D thought we might end up with something like Kulfi....nope that's not the case.It is panna cotta...which in Italian ,I have learnt means "cooked cream".It is frozen,creamy, lightly sweetened, a little tart from the raspberry, melts in your mouth and really easy to make.
Strained Raspberry pulp-1 cup.(Use a blender and strain out the seeds.Add a little milk if blender gets stuck)
Heavy cream-2 cups  
Milk-1 cup
Flavorless gelatin-1 tablespoon
Sugar-10 tablespoons.(You can adjust the sweetness.A couple of tablespoons less or more depending on how tart your raspberry is.)
Vanilla essence-1 tablespoon

Warm your milk....tepid is fine.Add the gelatin to the milk and let the gelatin dissolve in the milk.It will take about 5 mins.In a pan on medium heat ,stir in the raspberry pulp,add the heavy cream and the sugar.Let the sugar dissolve in the mix.Add the milk with the dissolved gelatin.Add in the vanilla.I use a whisk to mix everything together.The mixture should not boil but should be warm with everything dissolved and blended in.
Now through a strainer pour this mixture into the mold/molds in which you want to freeze.I used a single glass bowl.Ramekins,small glass bowls,Popsicle molds anything will work.
Freeze for at least 4 hrs.....overnight is still better.
To take the panna cotta out of the molds just dip the molds in some hot water for a minute and then de-mold.Enjoy this light flavored desert on a hot sunny day .
I believe that you can try out any other fruit like blueberry/strawberry instead or raspberry.My next on the list is mango panna cotta :-)
Before flipping over the bowl.(That's lavender flower right out of our herb
patch resting on the raspberries)

After flipping the bowl.

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